Dr. Carla Janzen, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Janzen’s passions have always centered around global women’s health. While in medical school, the thought that she could usher in new life filled her with great joy. She later decided to specialize in Maternal Fetal Medicine, and be a part of that joy earlier in the process through ultrasound.  

After peripheral involvement with Claris Health for many years, she formally became the Medical Director in 2016. As Medical Director, Dr. Janzen oversees the patient experience, including reviewing all ultrasounds conducted at Claris and mentoring medical staff. After attending City College of New York, Dr. Janzen decided to pursue a career in medicine, first at Dartmouth, then at Brown University.

Today, her most rewarding experience is helping Claris give women knowledge about the growing life in their wombs and empowering decisions that come when fear is dispelled.