The Claris Way

The Claris Way believes that each life is valuable, and that includes the life of the mother, father, child(ren), and even extended family members. It also recognizes that individuals have the choice to parent, place for adoption or terminate a pregnancy, deserving comprehensive, integrated care no matter their choice.  

True Choice

Thorough exploration of the viability of parenting, adoption, and abortion so clients can own the outcome of their decision

Integrated Care

Wide-ranging support services no matter the choice in the months and years that follow the pregnancy or sexual health concern

Deftly giving voice to encourage and empower each member of the family for a collectively healthy future

A Call to Clarity

Nearly five decades after Roe v. Wade, abortion and unintended pregnancy remain as polarizing as ever, as more time is spent focusing on our differences than actually helping people. Further, unintended pregnancy can not only create fear, shame, and isolation, it can also be the trigger for other issues. Broken families, financial poverty, and abuse can often find their root cause in unintended pregnancy.

Clarity Together is a call for change; a movement that brings us back to the core issue—caring for the needs of those being forced into abortion vs. life decisions in the wake of their unintended pregnancy.