Clarity Defined, Part III


We see our futures through the lens of our memories and experiences. With every new situation, we automatically pull from memories and experiences to cast quick-fire assumptions about our circumstances and what is or isn't possible.

This is particularly true for unintended pregnancy situations. While memories and experiences provide a scaffold for what a women and man facing unintended pregnancy believe to be possible, we at Claris are working hard to expand clients’ imaginations, to open people up to the vast range of possibilities, even if their current situation appears helplessly dire. We help clients achieve a deeper understanding of the web of factors involved in their situation and help them consider different outcomes, beyond knee-jerk abortion scenarios. We shed light that Parenting and Adoption are also viable options, that they CAN make healthy choices and not feel judged or guilty regardless of their choice.

The big payoff is when new information collides with established memories. Perspective changes and there’s that moment of “Aha!” Nicole Woolsey, a Program Director here at Claris talks about this incredible aha moment as central to bringing clients Clarity:

We thrive on these aha moments. The aha that comes from the subtle fit between personal experience and making sense of new insight. We live for these moments because then, and only then, can the beginning of clarity come forth.