Clarity Makers: The Counselor

Overwhelmed. Judged. Confused. These are all words that our clients bring to us. Feeling like they are stuck in an impossible situation when facing an unintended pregnancy or sexual health matter, they desire insight, guidance, and compassion. They need someone who is willing to engage in hard talks with them without judgment. Someone with a professional yet empathetic voice, even someone who has been through an unintended pregnancy situation before. And sometimes, “I believe in you” is all a client really needs to hear to pick themselves up and start walking in the right direction. At other times, a deep yet objective explanation of the various choices available is needed to empower individuals and equip them to make a healthy choice. Whatever the situation, the Counselor is there to calm hearts and make options clear and viable.  

In short, The Counselor genuinely cares about what you have to say. What matters to you also matters to them, and they clearly convey respect for your beliefs, opinions, feelings, and values. A professional background in counseling or marriage/family therapy helps, but an understanding ear and a gentle, loving voice that offers practical guidance and equipping is most important.

At Claris, in particular, we believe in the power of interpersonal relationships and the impact of mentorship. For all those who come into Claris feeling confused and written-off, we want to instill confidence for positive choices and shed light on what might seem like a very dark situation. You don’t have to have all the answers to be a Counselor- just a heart full of love, ears ready to listen, and a hand willing to help. If you want to find out more about how you can serve as a Counselor with Claris, contact us here. If you're in a situation of need, we have professional counselors who are ready and willing to offer their expertise to you; just contact us here.