Clarity Defined, Part I


Shame, confusion, and fear run deep when it comes unintended pregnancy and sexual health concerns. We see women and men each day who are burdened, hurting by the issues they face. But, we believe no one is too lost, too messed up, too broken. And so we tirelessly join them on the journey toward a healthy future.

That said, the work that is being done everyday can be esoteric to those on the outside. What does bringing clarity to these dark and confusing situations even mean? What does healing look like? Is it truly possible?

Accordingly, for our next series, we aim to bring Clarity to life. From informing people of their options, to equipping them to enact their decisions, to the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into loving someone hard, as hard as you possibly can, we begin to open up the discussion. In this series, members of the Claris Staff will take a moment to unpack what clarity means to them as they think about the role that Claris gets to play in the lives of many. Enjoy the first one below from Emily Keith, Claris' VP of Operations!

What does clarity mean to you in our Claris context? In your opinion, what is the significance of bringing clarity to those at-risk of or currently facing an unintended pregnancy, as well as some who are dealing with a past pregnancy decision? Share your answers in the comment box below!