Clarity Makers: Finale

For helping hands, passion must meet skill. This is allows true impact to happen.

For the past couple months, we’ve identified and defined eight archetypes for what it means to meaningfully serve within your skills and desires. We believe that effectively helping others starts with having a deep understanding of ourselves. These archetypes aren’t the definitive ways that you can contribute, but we hope that they cast light to the depth of influence each individual can have in fulfilling our mission to bring clarity to those facing unintended pregnancy. As we conclude this series, we encourage you to reflect on the archetype that most resonates with your motivations, desires, and talents:

Macro-focus :: culture :: policy :: breadth

  1. Are you the Dreamer who romantically and imaginatively inspires a new future?
  2. Are you the Everyday Visionary, the mover and shaker who’s out to change policy and culture?
  3. Are you the Warrior who is multi-skilled and ready at a moment’s notice?
  4. Are you the Creator who has the desire and talent to bring creativity to our vision?


Micro-focus:: individuals :: relationships :: depth

  1. Are you the Caregiver who is attentive to people’s needs and whose heart is moved to action through giving?
  2. Are you the Dot Connector who is plugged into the community and unafraid to ask others to step up?
  3. Are you the Confidant who engages in hard talks and is authentically empathetic?
  4. Are you the Counselor who’s insightful about what’s happening on the inside, with an gifted ability guide others into healthy choices? 

We spent an entire series on these issues because we believe a collective operating in their strengths can do big things. Will you join us? If you’re unsure which group best fits your disposition or just want to learn more about ways you can plug in, we are here and ready!