Clarity Makers: The Creator

Calling all videographers, photographers, musicians, writers, designers, and artists -- those who desire to create something of enduring value for good.

You Creators are storytellers whose imagination and craftsmanship inspire possibility. Bringing reality to life or allowing us to see a new future through story and art, which otherwise may be esoteric, is a powerful force for good. Some would argue the most powerful force. 

And it’s not just about aesthetic beauty. It’s about bringing clarity and coherency to complex issues, while challenging people to reflect and thoughtfully respond to a call for action. For our cause, this may mean helping people see all sides of an unplanned pregnancy – the woman’s, the man’s, the families,’ and of course, what’s happening on her insides. It may mean shedding light on what shame in relationships really looks like. It may mean uniting divided forces for the common good – even for age-old battles that seem hopeless like the pro-life/pro-choice debate. 

Below is another example of a group of Creators who are giving voice to the voiceless through photography. This group of women are using photography as a tool for visual storytelling to raise awareness about people who are “living on the edge." Check it out and take a moment to reflect on how YOU can be a creative partner in fighting for our cause.

One of our Creators built this astounding structure for our recent Unveiling Clarity event. 144 lights were turned on individually by guests of the event to signify solidarity and hope for 144 individuals we serve. Part art installation, part brand message, this piece stole the show.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use your creative skills or have an idea you’d like to share, we’re always game. You can connect with us here.