Clarity Makers: The Warrior

A Warrior does whatever it takes. Often unassuming, these heroes are always there for the cause. Multi-skilled and ready at a moment’s notice, these Swiss Army Knives are as comfortable on the front lines as they are behind-the-scenes. Progress is simply what motivates them. In our culture of immediacy, they remind us that progress is valuable, fundamental to human nature.

And they remind us that it’s essentially all about taking steps and not getting paralyzed by fear and how daunting the obstacle is. Gandhi, didn’t start out as “Gandhi” you see. In fact, he’s a great example of a Warrior. While he later became known for Visionary type work, he stepped into the need wherever he saw it, unabashedly. As a lawyer, he represented vulnerable clients who were being exploited. As an entrepreneur, he homespun cotton into cloth to bring economic access to the poor. He marched 200 miles to the sea on foot to make salt for his community for goodness sakes! He taught that progress takes grit, but that all can see the need and fill the need. It’s not about special talent or gifts.

Today, there’s a man among us, let’s call him Tim, who is another great example of a Warrior. He’s a dad with a full-time job and cool tattoos, but he’s so much more than that. His sweet and kind spirit is inviting to others, while his ferociousness and persistence get the job done. He organizes, he galvanizes others, he gives his time, his talent, and his money. He recently connected us to local community leaders to see how we can collectively better serve our city. The previous week he had lunch with us to better learn the right language and approaches to use for our cause. Speaking of lunch, he’s been known to secretly buy lunch for those on the front lines. Whatever it takes. What motivates Tim is that he believes in preserving the sanctity of life, but he’s also fighting for sustaining lives – both those who are vulnerable and those who are simply around him.

Warriors don’t have a step-by-step roadmap to becoming warriors. In many ways, Warriors are a little bit of everything. And maybe this is because they are so passionate, so focused on accomplishing the goal. Whatever it takes.