Clarity Makers: The Confidant

The truth is that we are rarely ever truly “fine.” We say that we are. We pretend that we are. But if we’re honest, there’s so much going on beneath the surface.

Why do we do this? To protect ourselves and because advice is overrated. What we really need is love, and love isn’t easy to come by. Love requires trust – trust to reveal your struggles and not be shamed for it. These are hard roads to go down. 

So in comes The Confidant. A rare breed who listens hard, lets you talk until you discover you have the answers right inside, and doesn’t reject you after learning you’re a disaster.

Confidants are as valuable as gold and just as rare because culture doesn’t see them as special. There is no glory in being others’ focused. And so the real Confidants go unnoticed, unappreciated, and under-utilized.

But, Confidants may be the central ingredient to healing, particularly for our cause. We honor another human being by listening to them – everybody should have the opportunity to be listened to. At Claris, we look long and hard for what we call Client Advocates, our form of Confidants. They find the beauty inside our clients, even when the clients themselves might not realize or see it. Even if with such difficult and stressful situations such as unintended pregnancy, their listening ears are like oxygen for the soul. Trust develops as conversations unfold, and this leads to transparency, which ultimately leads to clarity and healing.

Confidants’ body language, their words and questions, their eyes communicate the depth of their care. They’re not therapists; they just genuinely care through empathetic listening. They’ve discovered that they can help simply by being attuned to others, and this discovery reminds Confidants themselves that they are powerful and worthy. We challenge the Claris community to step into this role – in all walks of life. If you’re specifically interested in becoming a Confidant Claris style, please connect with us to learn more. The art of listening will transform you and clients alike.