Clarity Makers: The Dot Connector

To solve big problems, there needs to be more collaboration. And that’s where Dot Connectors come in, another pivotal group in our ClarityMakers series.

Dot Connectors are the ideal blend of a macro- and micro-sensibilities.

On the one hand, Dot Connectors believe that social good for those facing unplanned pregnancies and the broken relationships that result requires cross-sector collaboration. They realize that the problems that lead to these situations are complex and multi-faceted, spanning the spectrum of inequality – educational, socio-economic, race, gender, and more. Accordingly, some Dot Connectors seek to work in partnership with businesses, non-profits, and government to solve these macro-problems. 

On the either hand, there’s very much a micro-sensibility – caring for those in our midst in their time of need. From meeting immediate needs through material goods, to connecting people to local agencies, Dot Connectors provide the means for getting through tough and confusing situations. They seem to always know someone who can help – be it grandma, an agency, and everyone in between.

Being a Dot Connector is about scrappiness. It’s not about joining political sides; it’s about unifying differing worldviews to bring caring for humans back into the conversation. It’s about blurring the lines of profit and non-profit and prioritizing substance (impact) over style.

All in all, this group’s superpower is connection. They’re hustlers for good, they’re magnetic, they’re always pursuing relationship.

Think you might be a Dot Connector? Here’s a few ways to plug in:

  • Helping identify partner organizations for Claris
  • Becoming a Client Advocate -- working hand in hand with clients to get needs met
  • Organizing and leading teams to “get the job done”
  • Creating new relationships that get the Claris message out