Clarity Makers: The Everyday Visionary

Last week, we discussed The Dreamer, and this week we introduce The Everyday Visionary. Enjoy and happy dreaming for a better future! 


Movements need movers and shakers. While finding the next MLK would be nice, we believe in Everyday Visionaries. These are the people with the courage and the tenacity to see a vision and do something about it. To dream up big change and go for it with a clear, thoughtful plan. There’s a willingness to explore and experiment, balanced with the sensibility to think things through and really understand people and problems. A glass half-full perspective, with a magnifying glass and a big heart.

It’s not about being the smartest person in the room, however; it’s about selflessly leading. For our cause specifically, providing impact for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies and the broken relationships that result, it’s about providing voice to the voiceless. It’s about the audacity to change minds and hearts. For example, isn’t it time to bring the humanity back into the pro-life and pro-choice debate – to help everyone involved -- her, him, baby/fetus, and the surrounding community? How is that done tactfully, gracefully, and with a unifying force? Disrupting the status quo requires courage.

Here’s a glimpse of a few Everyday Visionaries in our midst that are fearlessly ignoring obstacles while staying on task for big change:

  • A friend who got laid off from his “real job” started a thrift store to meet the economic and material needs of his community
  • Two working dads created an urban mentoring program for low-income students to graduate high school and succeed in college
  • An actress is using her public platform to speak up for a cause she believes in to the detriment of her career

In a nutshell, here’s what an Everyday Visionary is all about: 

Perhaps you have potential for shaking up our pursuit of social impact for unplanned pregnancies and broken relationships in a very good way. You just might not know it yet. Perhaps it’s time to start dreaming.

Here’s but a few ways you can plug in and become an Everyday Visionary. We’re here and ready when you can’t avoid that big dream anymore.

  • Speaking engagements
  • Claris strategy workshops
  • White paper/blog writer
  • Partake in vision-casting with community leaders