Clarity Makers: The Dreamer


Welcome to our new series, Clarity Makers! Building off the momentum from our Spring event, Unveiling Clarity, we will help define passion points, partnership opportunities, and offer a glimpse of the work being done. We encourage you to digest these insights, reflect on your role, and join us in new and deeper ways for those facing the confusion of unplanned pregnancy and the despair of broken relationships.

Our approach will be to bring to life the different sides of the various doers and givers out there. While we may all demonstrate varied characteristics depending on the situation, we encourage you to find the archetype that most resonates with your overall intrinsic motivations and desires. What group from this series best fits your disposition, and how can this classification better equip you to find your role? We'll be here and ready when your passion is piqued. Below is a snapshot of our first group, The Dreamer. Happy dreaming!


Dreamers aren’t afraid to envision utopian-like change. They’re the romantics and the idealists. Unfazed by obstacle or self-doubt, this group exudes passion – they love talking about their cause, finding people who share their passion, and envisioning a brighter future. Put simply, they possess a contagious optimism.


Their magnetic effervescence is child-like – in a good way. They’ll try new things, new strategies, with reckless abandon and without the trap of over-thinking. Their wild imagination brightens the room and inspires. They’re a bolt of energy. Many of us have lost these traits as we’ve gotten older, but they help us bring back the wonder.


Here’s a brief example of what happens when a group of Dreamers get together:

Back home, what would happen if Dreamers were unleashed to think hard and live imaginatively for our cause? What if all these characteristics and passions helped lead the movement? 

Could we possible live in a world without broken relationships, without sexual health issues, without the confusion of unplanned pregnancies?

If you possess some of these traits, if a part of this awakens your youthful courage, if you’re eager with passion for our cause, let’s start dreaming together.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
— Albert Einstein



Here’s but a glimpse of the possibility:

  • Participate in Claris and community workshops
  • Emcee community-building or Claris events
  • Become a resident goal-setter
  • Be a client advocate
  • Create inspirational messages and content that help women and men find their worth, purpose, and path to brighter futures