Clarity Makers: Introduction


For all those looking for a cultural shift, a shift toward healing for people facing unintended pregnancies and the broken relationships that result, the time is now. A movement is being born to genuinely care for these women and men and all the confusion and hard life choices associated with this issue. And not just help in the moment of need, we are also reaching those who are:

  • At-risk: those who might be at risk for unintended pregnancies as well as sexual health and relational health issues
  • In need of continued care: those who need emotional and practical care after hard decisions are made  


Across this spectrum of need and coupled with our 40+ years helping those facing unintended pregnancies and broken relationships, four structural elements appear generally consistent:


Accordingly, in this new series titled Clarity Makers, we will introduce you to becoming the change. Building off of the momentum from our Spring event, Unveiling Clarity, we will help define passion points, partnership opportunities, and offer a glimpse of the work being done. We encourage you to digest these insights, reflect on your role, and join us in new and deeper ways for those facing the confusion of unintended pregnancy and the despair of broken relationships.