A Tribute to Moms

Moms, Your Sacrifice Is Worth It

Being a mom is hard. There’s no instruction manual and often not much help along the way. Then there are expectations – those you place on yourself, those that others seem to place on you, and the media’s highly imperfect “perfect” depiction of what you should be. Yet you love us from top to bottom; even before we were born, you dreamed about us. This dream in reality, however, often becomes the greatest challenge a woman ever has.

The failure moments abound. They may rise up and dump on you like wave upon wave. At times it feels impossible to re-cast these failure moments into learning moments. After a day of toil and infinite patience, you find it hard to escape feeling like you've messed up. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.

Moms, your sacrifice is worth it.

I have this internal battle between, I need to work, I need to work, I need to work, and I need to be home with my kids. And the kids win.”
— Jennifer Garner, Actress

Here are some stories of sacrifices moms in our midst have made on our behalf:

Moms, you may feel that chasing your dreams is impossible while chasing children. You may feel that you have sacrificed too much and that you have lost yourself. When we asked some moms if they would ever stop sacrificing themselves for their children, we heard a collective voice saying, "Not in a million years." We believe them. 

So we encourage you to press on. It's worth it to pursue your children's well-being; to make sure that they are happy, healthy, and enjoying life. Because there is fruit to this labor. And because, perhaps through the daily sacrifice, your can find your individual self amidst your parenting self.

And you know what? Your efforts are seldom forgotten:

Moms, your sacrifice is worth it. And we are ever indebted for it. Thank you!