The Fear & Rejection of Sex


Sex is dramatic. Sex is provocative. Sex is alluring. And of course, sex sells. Sex is so much to us. Exhilarating. Spellbinding. Overwhelming. A little embarrassing. 

But when to have sex?  With whom? How do we know we’re ready? How will it affect the relationship? How will it affect other relationships? Truthfully and in short, sex is complicated.

So many of the drama/trauma issues created by sex are based in fear and rejection and the mind games that ensue. We create tests for our partners, hyperboles, and half-truths to cover ourselves, to protect us from rejection. We hide, we run, we fake, we pose, we complain. Sex is complicated because it taps into our innate desire to be known and to be loved for who we are. Naked. Raw. Real. Blemished. And this leaves us open to rejection, the ultimate disaster.  

Why does fear hook us so hard when it comes to sex? Because sex is the ultimate vulnerability.

So what to do? If only it was as simple as doing. Keep up with our Claris Sex Series for thoughts, ideas, and perspectives from a variety of local contributing authors. For now, here are a few takeaways to whet your appetite:

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