Celebrating Mothers


For the mom who's brokenhearted, the mom who feels she's lacking, the mom who feels alone, the mom who's missing vision and hope - for these moms, we are here.

Mother’s Day is soon upon us, and we at Clarity Together want to let go of the status quo of just honoring women on this one particular day while taking them for granted the rest of the year. We want to love moms more powerfully, more relentlessly, and more tangibly as a lifestyle.

Our non-profit, Claris Health, is working tirelessly to achieve this goal. And there is fruit to this labor. Meet Adriana as a brief example, a mom of two working to rewrite her pain-filled past. We first got to know Adriana while she was pregnant with Brielle, her second child, and have had the pleasure of journeying with her and her family ever since. We caught up with her recently to chat about how motherhood is going.

This Mother's Day, please consider how you can love the women in your world differently - to cheer on all the Adrianas out there.

One way you can do this is by helping ensure that more women receive the helpful support and care they need by giving a special gift in honor of a woman in your life. We will then send her a handmade Mother's Day card to let her know that a gift was made in her honor!

However you choose to love mom(s) this year, we encourage you to be different and be better about it. Act on your love!