The Bravery of Sex


Media glorifies the external acts of sex and relationships, but no one hardly gives attention to what it means to be truly brave about sex. 

Happiness. Glamour. Physique. Seduction. Steaminess. We see it displayed everywhere. And yet, the collateral damage and feelings around sex in particular are neatly slid under the rug.  

According to the Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana:

We’ve learned to have sex on our mental radars all day, yet we dare not talk about it with our partners. Real talk is hard.

We haven’t fully learned how to be brave – how to talk about sex in empathetic and productive ways. We weren't taught how to have the tough conversations around sex – the "should we?" conversations, the "how do you feel about it?" conversations, the "how does this change our future?" conversations. We are leaving this kind of bravery by the wayside because we don't think it's sexy!

We forget that it actually requires more bravery and more vulnerability to be able to communicate about sex than to have sex. Communication is thought of as weak; as though it were meant for those less stable.


As the frontrunners in the Clarity Together Movement, we are learning to engage with vulnerability. What if we talked about being nervous about sex? What if we had the courage to humbly ask our partners (multiple times) how they feel about all this sex stuff? What if we actually asked for advice on how to be a better boyfriend, 

girlfriend, or spouse? What if we asked one another about feelings of temptation and infidelity and had the resilience to actually engage the conversation? 

We are dreaming up a future full of brave souls who aren’t afraid of the hard talks and are in tune with their partner’s emotional health and desires. Join in and dream with us. After all, brave sex talk should be commonplace. We shouldn't be afraid of it.