More Than a Christmas Party

Most Christmas parties this time of year are about celebrating the holidays with friends and family. Some go all out—chalk full of festive food, spirits, and music. There might even be some reflective moments and conversations about how the year went. Few, however, have all this and promote a good cause.

Last weekend, we had it all. Claris crashed a community Christmas party. We celebrated Christmas, ate some delicious Wokcano faire, danced to the beat, and shared a glimpse of our story. We spoke about how our care for those facing the confusion and fear of unintended pregnancy runs deep. We talked about our services and our vision for the future to those unfamiliar, but more importantly, we talked about lives impacted. We did some fundraising for these lives at stake. We shared our dream of communities rallying around the broken-hearted, about meeting physical and emotional needs. Yes, we got vulnerable, but this time of year will do that.

Below is a glimpse of the memories built and some of our 250 new friends. If you would like Claris to partner with an event you’re hosting or have ideas for collaboration, we’re game. Reach out to us here, and let the collaboration for good begin!