A Christmas Party Claris-Style


Small acts of kindness can indeed go a long way. This past weekend we hosted an event to connect our donors with client families, a small gesture to connect two groups of the Claris family.

A Christmas celebration unlike any other ensued, with all the festive touches bringing light and life to this unique gathering. And like any good party, it’s really all for the kids. With many a cookie in tow, eager anticipation for the donated gifts filled the room with suspense and wonder. Christmas story time, crafts and games, and Jingle Bells-y music set the scene abuzz until it was time for more holiday treats of course.

This is one of our favorite events of the year at Claris and not just for the Yule-tide specialness. It’s really threefold:

  1. Connecting donors and client families. The event presents a unique opportunity for donors and clients to meet in an intimate setting. The labels of “donor” and “client” are removed, and connection is made. Beyond season’s greetings, this event eliminates the walls of separation and makes community a reality.
  2. The power of small. Presents were donated. Cookies and deliciousness were made. Smiles and friendly faces created an inviting an environment. People giving their time, their resources, their talent – however big or small. The simple acts of caring combine to not only to create a great event, but cast a giant heart-shaped shadow over the struggle that often ensues from unintended pregnancy. And the small acts are more than an hour given here or a dollar donated there; they are powerful forces to change hearts and minds, like spoonfuls of hope.
  3. The seeds of inspiration. When a client meets a donor and sees the genuine love and care, when a volunteer interacts with a smiling child, when a client shares her story with a donor—these are the moments that inspire us. Not just to continue to relentlessly pursue the cause, but to create new connecting moments and experiences. They fill us with a new energy and zeal for the year to come!

Thank you to all who took part in this year’s Adopt-A-Family event! There are more photos of the event to enjoy on our Facebook page.