Journeys of Transformation Part I

Sex, dating, self-esteem and the like are easy topics to avoid when interacting with young people. However, our Reality Check program believes that when young people are in connected relationships with mentors, when empathy and shared perspectives abound, they will make healthy choices. The video below offers a glimpse of how Reality Check engages young people to inform and build confidence – helping them grow into thriving adults.

Parents, youth consistently express that you—not their peers, not their partners, not pop culture—most influence their beliefs and decisions about relationships and sex. But finding the best approach on these important topics can be challenging. We invite you to learn and to join the conversation young people are already having. If you’d like to meet up, schedule a presentation at your local school or church, or just learn more, visit here. If you’d like to help us reach more young people, you can donate here.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!